Flexibility and Focus

girl-coffee-pcAnd then there’s the furiously focused teen girl, so completely lost in some online game, that I doubt she remembers anything or anyone who was here.

The place was packed.  Boisterous, noisy, friendly. 

But her eyes never left the computer screen, never acknowledged anyone in the room. She sat cross-legged, her feet never on the ground for a solid hour. 

Totally gone in the game.

Except once – to dash off to the restroom for a lightning-fast pee break, and then dash back to the game.

Impressive, really.  Most of history’s greatest achievers used intense focus to change the world.

While it’s unlikely she’ll change the world while immersed in the world of a computer game, we can hope that she’s learning an important skill – focused commitment – that will someday help her change the real world.

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Things I would like to un-see

No. In fact, you did not get away with it. pickNose

When you’re in public, in a bustling coffee house, someone will inevitably notice if you pick a booger and eat it.

So, just … don’t. 

Or, at least go home; go do that shit in private.

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Yes, Outside

I couldn’t see the ground from my comfy easy chair, but the sky looked threatening. I asked a lady who just came in, sitting down opposite me, “Is it raining?”

Her reply: “Outside? No.”

Gawd, I just couldn’t resist… “Well yes, outside.  I’m pretty sure it’s not raining in here.”

Give me some credit – I said it with a wink and a smile.

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Hard to Get Eye-to-Eye

Just saw the cutest thing.

A young mother with her young daughter – maybe three or four years old. The girl asks her mom, “What’s that?” looking at the massive mural on the wall — a painting of a coffee bean plantation where coffee beans being harvested.

The thoughtful mom crouches down low so she can be at eye-level with her daughter to explains what it is.

The daughter, imitating her mother, crouches down too.


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Invisible. Please.

Starbucks working patron close-upSometimes, I go to a Starbucks to chill, maybe even to be social.

More often, I’m there to get work done while under the influence of caffeine.

Next time a stranger talks to me when I’m alone and clearly working, I’m going to look up at them, shocked, and quietly whisper, “You can see me?”

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How Dare They!

A customer – in his 60s, maybe even 70s – at the coffee shop counter just got hot under the collar, raising his voice. 

Why? Because the drink he always orders had gone up 45 cents since the last time he ordered it.  

In the entirety of 1940, my grandfather made $960 as a full-time fireman. And he paid $17 a month for rent.

That’s all I’m saying about it.

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The Ninja Man

I saw a man standing in line for coffee today who was wearing a shirt that said, “Yes, I am a ninja.”

You see the problem with that?ninja

If I saw him, then it obviously isn’t true.

Just sayin’.

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