Staring into Space

So, I noticed this fellow starbucker who came in, sat down, and simply stared into space … for nearly three hours!

And no, I did not notice this by staring at him for three hours.

At first I thought, what’s wrong with the guy?  I mean, I could never do that.  Just sit and stare for so long…

Then, i thought: Gee, I could never do that…what a shame.

Motive for staring

Is it depression? drugs? Stupidity? A total lack of initiative? 

But, how do I know?  Maybe it’s not a negative thing at all.  Maybe it’s meditation.  Or prayer.  Or maybe the guy has mastered the fine art of just chillin’?

And, hey, I could sure use some chillin’.   It’s definitely not something I do much of, right? So…

So i decided to admire the guy.

And then i got promptly back to my work on my laptop.


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Trail runner, writer, director, squeezing the most I can from the juice of every day.
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