It Ain’t No Library, But Geez-Louise!

Today’s attempt to concentrate on a client job while at my nearest Starbucks proved difficult, due to the loud-talking, flea-bitten patron in the chair right next to me. 

The woman–a crack addict, I’d guess, based on her appearance–held more than five mobile phone conversations in a row.  Each time, she spoke so loudly that the other Starbuckers were startled, and some even alarmed.  The topics were mostly mundane, but that didn’t stop her from yelling into her mobile phone loud enough to disturb everyone in the store. 

But at least she got a laugh. 

How?  When she stopped yelling to scold the person on the other end of the line to quit raising her voice–that “it isn’t necessary to yell.”

Irony.  Ya gotta love it.


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