The Grim Reaper’s Near Misses

So, okay, technically this isn’t about Starbucks, but I’ll allow it since (a.) it happened on my way to Starbucks—close enough—and (b.) it’s my blog, my rules.

Blockbuster’s block-busting new drive-through

At the Eagle Rock intersection of Colorado and Eagle Rock Boulevards—busy even at 5 a.m.—which is just a hundred feet or so from one of my favorite Starbucks, I dropped off a video at the corner Blockbuster’s night drop, and then walked over to the Starbucks.  I had barely gotten in the Starbucks door when someone, who apparently lost control of their car, turned Blockbusters into a drive-through.

Which is to say that they busted lots of building blocks as they carved a big ol’ hole right through the front wall of the Blockbusters, taking out the corner light pole on their journey.

Almost knocked through heaven’s door…

Then it hit me … well, not literally … but it hit me that I was RIGHT THERE where the car went barreling through just minutes beforehand!


It is amazing to me that any of us get to be old.  How many hundreds—or thousands, for all we know—of close calls do we experience between birth and old age?  How many before the Grim Reaper finally gets his slimy fingers around us for real?

The bastard.

So, because I didn’t get started on my walk to Starbucks five minutes later today, I’m still here to write this. Totally unscathed.  Emergency vehicles were on the scene before I even knew the accident had happened.  I hope the person’s okay.

It sure makes me think about deeper things that I probably normally think about as I site in Starbucks… which means that, now, I’m the guy sitting at Starbucks, staring mindlessly out the window.

============== update =================

Car Crashes Into Blockbuster Store In Eagle Rock


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