Deep Plungecutter and Multi-Personalities

This is a May 23 repost from my Facebook site, which was the original motivation for creating the Starbucking blog.  I’ve included inline the comments from others to that original post…


I am trying to focus on a client gig crack-o-dawn here at my local Starbucks, but concentration is elusive when the homeless man seated nearby is arguing vigorously with … his other self, I suppose? … and keeps blurting out “Neverrrr!” and then resumes arguing with … himself, right?

Meanwhile, I gotta make a client article about “Filing for Business Bankruptcy in Knoxville” more interesting than the homeless man’s conversation, and I’m thinking, “Neverrrr!”

An hour later

Good news–the multi-personality homeless guy left.  Bad news–the guy who took his place is surfing porn.

I’m trying to ignore it (yes–REALLY trying) and to ignore all other distractions to writing this client article, but dang-it-all if there ain’t this woman seated directly in front of me whose tee-shirt redefines “plunge-cut.”  Taking it to new depths, if you will.

Where was I? 

Oh, right.  “How to file for bankruptcy in Knoxville.”  Okay, okay, back to work.

Response from friends…

Chuck — “I feel your pain…so why are you filing for bankruptcy in Knoxville? Is it cheaper to do it there than in LA? ;-)”

Kim — “It would be interesting to see how the immediate environment makes it into “Filing For Bankruptcy in Knoxville.” You might just get their attention…

My response: 

Done, Kim.  Here’s what I got: “Filing for bankruptcy in Knoxville without the help of a lawyer? NEVERRRRR!  Our firm keeps you abreast of your options and keeps your finances from plunging.  So, don’t be a homeless boob – NEVERRRRR! – Instead, hire us for your bankruptcy filing!”


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