Postscript On "Today, It Got Weird"

Following up on yesterday’s post about a police incident at the Eagle Rock Starbucks, Kevin was told today by the Starbucks employees that the belligerent, threatening panhandler was in fact arrested after the yesterday’s incident, although not until after the poor patrons and employees waited “nearly an hour for the vaunted LAPD’s arrival.”

Apparently, there must’ve been a full moon, because there was yet another problem “visitor” later on as well! “And a full 60-minute wait time for the cops on that one,” Kevin says.

With Kevin being on the LA Metro daily, he has many times seen incidences that required him our driver to call the police, and he has witnessed how much more quickly the Glendale police respond to problems on the bus compared to the LA police.

Which is why Kevin added, “Oh, that our favorite Starbucks were in Glendale, where the police respond in 45-60 SECONDS!”


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