Forty Winks, Thinly Veiled

That’s odd…

The guy in the Starbucks easy chair beside me this morning?

Homeless, I suspect. 

Or possibly just socially inept,

as he’s always unshaven … but doesn’t look like a film director.

And he is often wearing the same thing he wore last time.

And the time before that.


I see him nearly every morning I’m here.

Except … notice that he never buys anything to eat or drink.

So what’s he doing then? 


Except, wait – that’s just his disguise.

Because watch him closely and you’ll see

What’s really going on

He stares with great interest at the newspaper on the side table, sure.

Except … the page never turns.  Ever.

And it’s a small neighborhood news flyer

of mostly just want ads.


Which holds his attention for over half an hour?

Go figure.


But the sneaky thing is, you can’t see his eyes,

because his arm is propped up on the arm of the chair

and he rests his forehead on the propped-up arm,

which casts a shadow over his face.


But you don’t need to look any closer to know he’s sleeping.

Just listen. 

That’s the light rumble of his sneaky snore you’re hearing.

And that’s when you know

he’s reading nothing beyond his mostly concealed eyelids


Not really Starbucks’ target customer, I’d wager.  But he’s good entertainment.

 Winking smile


About MOGBlogger

Trail runner, writer, director, squeezing the most I can from the juice of every day.
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2 Responses to Forty Winks, Thinly Veiled

  1. Ian says:

    Hey, I just inadvertently came across your blog. I must say, it’s among the best concepts for a blog I’ve seen, and you apply it extraordinarily well. Well done.

  2. MOGBlogger says:

    Thanks, Ian. I’ve perused your site as well, and find your writing style unique, conversational, and interesting. 🙂

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