The Skinny on Dancing

Sitting in a Starbucks within site of the drink pickup area, it’s easy to understand why it is generally true that the older we get the heavier we get. 

As people wait for their beverage to show up, just watch what they do, young and old. 

Nearly every child I see who is younger than four is dancing to whatever music Starbucks is playing.

And nearly every adult is standing perfectly motionless as they wait. 

If only we could have kept fidgeting and dancing throughout life the way the little’ns do:

  • Weightwatchers wouldn’t exist.
  • Heart disease wouldn’t be the leading cause of death in the U.S.
  • Parents wouldn’t waste energy saying to their kids, “Where in the world do you get so much energy this early in the morning!”

Sad, too, how the dance diminishes year by year. 

The dancing two-year-old’s dance won’t win any contests, but the two-year-old doesn’t care.  The dance is a pure expression of happiness. 

And the older we get, the more we care about the opinions of others.

And the less we  dance.

And the skinnier we ain’t.


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2 Responses to The Skinny on Dancing

  1. planaquarium says:

    so true!

  2. ClassJuggler says:

    Love that lack of inhibition, to dance in public and not care what others think, to not even notice.

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