How Long Can I Hold My Breath?

I’m all settled in, laptop at the ready, coffee and Pumpkin Scone beside me

When I suddenly realize that I’m surrounded by coughers, wheezers, and sneezers.

I didn’t get the memo, that Friday morning at Starbucks is the time for the weekly meeting of the too-sick-to-have-any-business-being-out-in-public club.

Now, I’m covering my coffee with a napkin, keeping my scone in the bag between bites, and trying to hold my breath for at least 45 seconds after each customer’s cough.

And this is me before I’ve seen the movie Contagion!

Why did I come to Starbucks this morning?  Oh, right, now I remember: to focus on writing.

It’s not working.

Other than this.


About MOGBlogger

Trail runner, writer, director, squeezing the most I can from the juice of every day.
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