Animated Conversation … With the Person Not in the Room

I’ve heard it said that you can tell how old a person is by how amazed they are by the cool things you can do with technology these days (i.e., anyone under, say, 25 generally takes it for granted).

So, maybe I’m old then.

Because I’m getting a real kick out of watching some white-bearded guy in a cowboy hat wildly gesticulating and silently mouthing a conversation with a person sitting across the table from him … except that no one is sitting across from him.

Mind you, at the Eagle Rock Starbucks, it’s not that unusual to see a person talking to themselves.

But then I notice the tiny computer on his table – one of those newfangled* iPads – which is streaming full-screen images of the person he is talking with.eagleRock-ASL-users

And I suddenly realize that they are both deaf, or at least they are both fluently speaking in sign language.

And I’m thinking, how freakin’ cool: two folks from across the – who knows, across town? across the world? – enjoying a chat as easily as if they were truly sitting across the table from each other.

Modern technology.  How cool.


* Old fogey alert: Note that the use of the word “newfangled” is a sure sign that one is no longer a spring chicken**.

** Likewise, the use of the word “spring chicken” or “old fogey” is proof positive that you’re nowhere near being a whippersnapper***.

*** And use of the word “whippersnapper” …



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