The Quest for a New Sbx – Score!

Yes, you’re right – it’s gotten a bit dusty on this blog.  A new onsite contract position, with long hours and long commute, has hamstrung my Starbucks chillin’ time.

To kill the 90-minute commute, I’ve moved to a place near Santa Monica, just 3 miles from the workplace.  But this brings the challenge of…

Finding a new Starbucks

And let’s face it, they aren’t all the same.

It’s got to have the right vibe, you know?

I don’t know what that means for you but, for me, that means:

  • The background music volume doesn’t intrude on the foreground (you’d think a major chain would have volume consistency, right?  wrong.).
  • It’s not too crowded (some great Starbucks are entirely inaccessible due to their overflowing crowds).
  • Good lighting (many stores are sun-baked in every good seat – maybe good for reading, but a thumbs-down for us notebook PC’ers)
  • A minimum of obnoxious regulars.  Enjoyable regulars are always a bonus.

After coming across a few duds in my new neighborhood, I have just happened upon…

The perfect new Starbucks store!

As I walked in the door, I knew I had found it.  The vibe was right.  Perfect for hanging out, chillin’, workin’ … and you know what?

And I’m not telling you where it is.  Why?  Because it’s so sweet that the last thing I want is a crowd in there messin’ it up.


Don’t be silly.  Of course it’s selfish.

And you would be too if you knew of it’s top-secret mojo enhancer.

Okay, okay, you twisted my arm.  Here’s the secret vibe sauce:Starbucks leather chair - lo-rez

Exactly.  The leather chairs.

Maybe it’s different in the Midwest or the Northeast, but out here in sunny So-Cal, there’s clearly a Starbucks corporate plot that has rapidly spread for store to store – a plot to rid the California Southland of all these comfy leather chairs and replace them with more wooden table-chair combos and, at best, a slightly padded, moderately comfortable chair with hard, wooden arm rests.

This store clearly didn’t get the memo.

It’s got three of these big leather mommas, perfect for camping out in for hours (which, no doubt, is exactly why Starbucks is getting rid of them).

To be a tad less selfish, I’ll give you one location clue.  The store is in California somewhere south of San Francisco.

Way south of San Francisco.


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