Running Tights, Boots, and a Bird

Even in a land a free spirits like Santa Monica, this one caught my eye.

First off, she was gorgeous – pretty as a model.

And a beautiful figure!

(Yeah, I noticed, so shoot me.)

But that wasn’t what caught my eye.

That wasn’t what caught everyone’s eye.

It was the ensemble. That’s what turned a dozen heads.

It was the totality of her UGG boots, with full-length running tights tucked into them.  Oh, and a large bird on her shoulder, brushing up against her long blonde hair.

That’s a statement.

One that posed a lot of questions.

So, I felt compelled to ask.   And that’s saying something, since I normally stay to myself and just judge the world from a distance.

I’m glad I did ask. Because she happened to be a kind soul with a warm and welcoming smile and a story to tell.

Which shouldn’t surprise me; everyone, I have found – whether they appear nondescript or have a parrot on their shoulder (or a chip on their shoulder) – has a story to tell, a story worth hearing.  Much of hers came willingly.

The boots with the running tights?  She starts her Saturdays with a Starbucks cuppa then goes straight out for a run or to yoga.

The parrot?  It’s actually an Australian Galah.  A special kind of Cockatoo.

And special to her, as the Galah has been her faithful companion for nearly seven years (and might be for 70 years, given the captive Galah’s potential lifespan).

Her well-mannered Galah is partial to the Starbucks pastries, so of course her feathered friend comes with her.  And then, on her way to the yoga session or run, she stops at a nearby city park to do the Galah equivalent of walking the dog – letting it take a tethered flight through the trees.

She has an accent (the woman, not the Galah).  An accent that I couldn’t quite discern. It adds to her mystique, since she confirmed that she is not Australian, even though her Galah is, but she never offered to tell what it was.

And I did not catch her name.

But there’s always next Saturday.


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Trail runner, writer, director, squeezing the most I can from the juice of every day.
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