About Starbucking

So, What Exactly is the Starbucking Blog?

The Starbucking blog is a collection of my daily observations and musings on mankind, womankind, childkind, and any other kind that come and go through the Starbucks coffee shops that I frequent.  Which I frequently do.

What are Starbuckers?

Starbuckers are Starbucks customers that I’ve written about in this blog (because they’re just so dang interesting).

What are Starbuckeroos?

Starbuckeroos are “the regulars”—the ones I’ve come to know fairly well since they too frequent Starbucks.

Starbucking it

Starbucking is observing and blogging about Starbuckers.   Starbucking is both self-serving and serving others, as I see it.

  • Self-serving—It helps me as a mensch, because Starbucking reminds me to pull my gaze away from my laptop occasionally and interact with, or at least notice, others.   Yes, I need help with this.  People are nice, but there is no “control-alt-delete” command to reboot or force-quit those that I find annoying.  So interacting with my laptop PC is often preferable.
  • Giving—Because I’m learning a lot about our species from these observations and encounters with other Starbuckers, I figure that, by sharing, perhaps you, too, can grow in your understanding of humanity.  Or at least have a smile and maybe even a laugh or two.

Nothing wrong with being a Starbucker

Yes, I’m a Starbucker, neither proud nor ashamed of it.  For me, Starbucks is a practicality; it’s my second office.  I’m a writer with a home office, but home is full of distractions.  So, whenever I need to concentrate on a story or a client assignment, and I want to do so without the distractions of my home, I go to Starbucks where I only have the distractions of humanity.  That works for me, most of the time.

And, yes, I like the coffee.  Get over it.

To my fellow Starbuckeroos

If you are a Starbuckeroo too, you no doubt have your own observations worth sharing from camping out at your favorite Starbucks or other favorite coffee shop.  Cool.  I welcome your thoughts and observations.  Unless they really suck.    😉

Ric Moxley

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Copyright 2009, 2010, 2011 Richard Moxley


2 Responses to About Starbucking

  1. Amelie says:

    I am not a Starbucker. Coffee Company is both closer and has perfected the art of the Flat White. When the open network WiFi fails, I can use my home internet (Pretty Fly for a WiFi is our neighbor’s; one day I’ll meet him or her and offer a most enthusiastic high five). From the upstairs seating along the windows, I can look into my living room window and throw my cat into a crisis. Mornings, lots of people with well-behaved dogs and moderately-well-behaved toddlers. Middays, lots of tourists, spreading their soggy maps from the information kiosk over the rough-planked tables. Mafternoons, the students invade and pretend to study. The baristas rotate their iPod playlists, loudly enough to muffle the tram noise from the street below, but not so loud as to elbow aside my words before I can get them through my fingertips onto the screen.

    • MOGBlogger says:

      Coffee Co sounds like a fine substitute — or example to follow? — for Starbucks. And, geez, you can’t beat the convenience of it being so close to home as to encourage cat-calling. 😉 I enjoy your blog, by the way. Entertaining.

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